Frequently Asked Questions

Your first port of call for further information about cruises, payments, and various other things we're often asked by our delegates
Below is a list of questions we’re commonly asked, along with succinct answers. Hopefully, you’ll find an answer to your question here – but if not, you’re welcome to contact us.
Can I have a payment plan?

We will provide you with the date your final payment is due at the time of your booking. You can pay by instalments of your choice, or in full.

Do I have to pay by credit card?

Not at all, our preferred method of payment is direct into our bank account as their are no card fees. Please contact us for direct deposit details. Please use your last name as a reference so that we know the money has come from you.

Alternatively, you can pay by credit card if you like: there is a small surcharge of 1.8% applied if you do so.

Will I receive a Certificate for my Continuing Professional Development portfolio?

Education at Sea keeps accurate attendance records of all participants. We will provide all participants with a certificate of attendance for their records.

Who are the presenters?
Education at Sea ensures all presenters and facilitators are appropriately qualified and experienced to the deliver education and training programmes promoted by Education at Sea.
Will my cruise be tax deductable?

We will provide you with an invoice for your cruise and conference. For many professionals, an Education at Sea conference is a great way to maximise tax benefits. CPD Cruises Pty Ltd trading as Education at Sea is unable to provide individual tax advice and suggest you contact a tax professional for further information.

Can my family come?
Of course, in fact we encourage it!

Cruise ships offer a huge array of supervised activities for children including supervised children’s activities like kids clubs, games and movies.

Cruises make for excellent family holidays, so partners and children are most welcome to join you on a CPD cruise.

Partners can enjoy time to relax on board whilst you’re in sessions, and then you’ll be able to spend time together afterwards and on shore days – we only run CPD sessions when we’re at sea, so there will be plenty of time for R&R!

Whether your partner wants to enjoy the serenity to read and sunbathe, or enjoy the on-board shopping and dining, our cruise ships have something to offer everyone – as well as the amazing sights of our exotic destinations!

Who is the Education at Sea team?
You can read more about the Education at Sea team on our About page.
Why is my booking through Travel Direct Australia?

CPD Cruises Pty Ltd trade as Travel Direct Australia and Education at Sea. Education at Sea organises all of our conference and seminar events and Travel Direct Australia books all your travel needs for your cruise seminar, cruise conference events, and study tours. As an established travel agency based in Kingslcliff, New South Wales we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, professionalism and value in travel to our customers. Travel Direct Australia are proud members of AFTA, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents which is a nationally recognised trade group in Australia. Travel Direct Australia provides a wide range of travel services for those travelling for business or pleasure. We can arrange airfares, pre and post cruise accommodation, travel insurance and more.

What is the Nurses for Nurses Network?
The Nurses for Nurses Network combines great education with fabulous travel adventures. We have taken a holistic approach to Nursing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure you get the most out of your education-travel experience.

Their sister organisation the Nursing CPD Institute (NCI) provides nurses an affordable, accessible, stress-free and fabulous way to meet their Continuing Professional Development requirements – and so much more – in one small, tax-deductible annual membership.

NCI offers an impressive range of activities to assist nurses in meeting their Continuing Professional Development requirements with AHPRA. NCI provides: webinar, video, and quiz CPD activities; 24/7 Access; Online Professional Portfolio to present to AHPRA or complete for a resume; up-to-date information to stay informed on all the latest nursing topics; a range of downloads such as eBooks and info sheets; task demos showcasing a range of nursing practices. For information and membership details visit the Nursing CPD Institute click here.