Stress Management, Burnout, the impact on Teachers, and the use of Mindfulness Strategies

8 Day South Pacific Cruise

Carnival Splendor | Departing Sydney

27 September – 5 October 2025
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Both stress and burnout impact Teachers. This conference explores the key issues surrounding stress and burnout and provides a Mindfulness workshop to enhance Teacher’s ability to manage stress and explore strategies that will enhance their emotional well-being in both their personal and professional lives.


Both stress and burnout impact Teachers. This conference explores the key issues surrounding stress and burnout and provides a Mindfulness workshop to enhance Teacher’s ability to manage stress and explore strategies that will enhance their emotional well-being in both their personal and professional lives.

Stress should be viewed as a process rather than a definitive diagnosis. It occurs when there is an issue between the demands placed upon us and our ability to handle those demands. How intensely and extensively stress affects an individual largely hinges on their perspective towards a given situation.

Burnout is a work-related stress syndrome resulting from chronic exposure to job stress. The term was introduced in the early 1970s by psychoanalyst Freudenberger and subsequently defined by Maslach et al. as consisting of three qualitative dimensions: emotional exhaustion, cynicism and depersonalization, reduced professional efficacy, and personal accomplishment.

Mindfulness is a lot more than a strategy to manage difficult situations. It is a way to cultivate a more balanced relationship with oneself in relation to the realities of life. Mindfulness can better be understood as a way of being and living rather than a tactic or strategy for life. By providing the opportunity to devote attention to the processes that underlie mindfulness and explore scientific findings related to mindfulness, this training is different from other programs in many respects and provides attendees with the tools to enhance their well-being.



In this conference you will:

  • Explore what stress is and strategies to manage same
  • Discuss why workplace stress can lead to burnout
  • Review the consequences of burnout to the individual and the organisation
  • Undertake a mindfulness workshop that will provide strategies to assist in managing stress
  • What wellness is and strategies to achieve same in your personal and professional life
  • What stress is and the impact on the individual
  • Burnout and the consequences for an individual on their personal and professional life
  • How what we think impacts how we feel which leads to how we behave.
  • The issue of suicide in the professions
  • Key strategies to assist a suicidal person
  • The importance of sleep and how to achieve same
  • The latest research on gut health and mental health
  • One deep-dive into a specific element of mindfulness per session
  • Integrating information and practice with scientific evidence and insights
  • Detailed explanations covering the reasons for certain practices
  • Small practices that aim to increase the integration of mindfulness into daily life
  • Examining mindfulness in the broader context of life and how we perceive things
  • Understanding the foundation of processes that mindfulness rest upon

Our Presenters:
Sue Walker

Sue Walker is the director and co-founder of the Nurses for Nurses Network and a key contributor to the online education platform Nursing CPD – a Continuing Professional Development library.

As a Registered Nurse, Sue holds Degrees in both Nursing and Health Administration, a Master’s Degree in Public Health, as well as a number of certificate courses in Psychiatry of Ageing, Gerontology, Chemotherapy Administration, Training and Assessment, and is also an Accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Clinical Supervisor.

Sue has presented at local and international conferences on many topics including the key issues impacting on the psychological impact of workers and how the work requirements and culture can impact on the physical and psychological health of the individual.

Sue is passionate about making a difference in the way in which people experience their professional and personal lives.


Steph Wheeler

Steph is a highly motivated and passionate high school Mathematics teacher of 32 years with incredible educational skills underpinned by experience in a variety of public and private schools both in Queensland and in New South Wales. She was a Head Teacher responsible for establishing the Mathematics and Science faculties at a new public high school in Sydney. Steph was able to bring to the table her knowledge and people skills to implement the grounding for an outstanding work team environment. She is a team player, supportive, motivating and an approachable, helpful leader.

Steph’s roles also involve mentoring beginning and training teachers. This has inspired her to share her many years experience and knowledge of applying mindfulness with fellow teachers. She has embraced in her own life all of the components covered in this course and believes that they enable her to have enjoyed the teaching profession for three decades in nine different schools in two different states and to still go to work with a genuine smile on her face and a sparkle in her heart.

Steph and Sue are excited to offer their extensive clinical experience and also create a space for attendees to connect and discuss their experiences and challenges. The learning environment will be enjoyable and engaging for all participants.

The Cruise Ship: Carnival Splendor

It’s hard to tell which onboard space best represents Carnival Splendor — they all seem to hint at the amazing time you’re going to have. El Morocco Lounge hosts comedy shows, musical performances, karaoke and more… and wears its 1930s namesake clearly on its nameplate. The words “Royal Flush Casino” incite visions of winning, while our onboard jazz club — The Cool — simply says it all without saying Carnival Splendora word. And Fahrenheit 555 can be found not only at the height of elegant dining, but at the actual apex of the ship.

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The Program:

The program content is provided by expert Nurse Educators with extensive clinical and education experience. The education content provided in this program meets the same exacting standards as anything offered in an Australian land-based program. No matter what conference you attend you always need accommodation. A cruise ship provides a great all-inclusive* accommodation option to enhance your Conference experience. Education at Sea and The Nurses for Nurses Network combine great education with fabulous travel adventures. We have taken a holistic approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure you get the most out of your education-travel experience.

The Online Library

The Library has been created so that you have access to some of the Conference content prior to our sail date. The documents, including self-directed activities and webinars, from our Conference Presenter, are provided so that you can create your own conference experience and access information and sessions of interest prior to the commencement of the Conference program.

Disclaimer: Sessions are correct at time of publication. Sessions are subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers. NFNN and EAS reserves the right to alter charges, cancel, postpone, change or withdraw the product or service at any time.

Day and Location Events

Day 1: Saturday, 27th September 2025

Departure: 4pm, Sydney

Make sure you are up on deck to be a part of the “setting sail” festivities as we say farewell to Sydney.

Evening: Welcome drinks and Registration Event

Come along and meet the presenters and other conference attendees. Pick up your conference pack and find out about the conference program and general information about conference cruising.

Day 2: Monday, 28th September 2025

At Sea

Morning: Self-directed CPD Activities | Access via the online library


  • How did we get here? The experiences that underpin the content of the conference
  • Understanding Stress Burnout: Stress should be viewed as a process rather than a definitive diagnosis. It occurs when there is an issue between the demands placed upon us and our ability to handle those demands. How intensely and extensively stress affects an individual largely hinges on their perspective towards a given situation. An occurrence that might induce significant stress in one person could be a minor obstacle for someone else.

  • Your Belief System: This session will explore how our belief system impacts our response to situations. What we think impacts how we feel which leads to how we behave. Humans are complex creatures!

  • Personality test: Help individuals gain insights into their own behaviours, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. This self-awareness can guide personal growth and development. Let’s explore.

6pm – 7pm: Social Get Together – a bit of fun and get to know each other. Each night conference Facilitators and Presenters will be at the venue and would love to meet with you.

Day 3: Tuesday 29th, September 2025

At Sea


  • Assertiveness Workshop: Assertiveness helps individuals express their thoughts, feelings, and needs openly and honestly, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. It allows people to set boundaries of acceptable behaviour and stand up for their rights and beliefs without feeling guilty or anxious.

  • The results of unmanaged stress: Depression, anxiety, and the risk of suicide – Suicide is complex and there is no single reason why a person takes their own life. Research identifies that a person with depression, an anxiety disorder, or substance abuse disorder are at greater risk of suicide. Suicide and attempted suicide are a major cause of preventable deaths and a significant health issue for our society. We will explore these conditions and how you can help a person who is considering taking their own life.

  • Gut Health: The gut is our second brain, and there is mounting evidence to support its importance for our emotional and physical well–being. This session will explore the latest information on gut health.

  • Mindfulness Attention and the Now: The training of attention is essential in mindfulness. Mindfulness teaches us to focus the attention on what is happening in this moment, the now. Although this sounds easy, it seems that we often just do not live in the moment and instead, focus our attention on our thoughts or the content of our thoughts.

Afternoon: Self-directed CPD Activities | Access via the online library

6pm – 7pm: Social Get Together

Day 4: Wednesday, 30th September 2025


If you want to visit some of nature’s most unspoiled beauty, then a Carnival Mare cruise is for you. When you think Mare Island, think white beaches, crystal clear waters, and absolutely stunning landscapes. A Mare cruise will give you some of the best beach experiences you’ll ever have. Each beach is different, from traditional sands to breathtaking cliffs.

And the inland is just as spectacular, with dark forests, intimidating caves, and natural pools brimming with fish and turtles. It’s impossible not to relax when you visit Mare Island on a South Pacific Island cruise.

6pm – 7pm: Social Get Together

Day 5: Thursday,  1st October 2025


A Lifou cruise allows you to experience a land of scenic contrast and natural beauty. As part of New Caledonia’s Loyalty Island, a cruise to Lifou means enjoying one of the most beautiful places in the South Pacific. Crystal clear waters, white sands, and coral reefs are only part of the story.

On a Lifou cruise in the South Pacific Islands, you can swim with the very friendly fish in the marine reserve, visit the secret grotto, and enjoy everything the tropical paradise has to offer.

6pm – 7pm: Fun Trivia Night to support the work of one of our major projects – the Global Nurses and Midwives Rotary Club

Day 6: Friday, 2nd October 2025


Embark on an unforgettable South Pacific adventure to the heart of Noumea. The ‘Paris of the Pacific’, Noumea, promises more sunshine days than any other Pacific Island capital.

With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and vibrant culture, a cruise to Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, from either Sydney or Brisbane is guaranteed to give you an experience that transcends the ordinary. Enjoy exploring the hustle and bustle of this thriving South Pacific Island and the fusion of the French and Melanesian flavours.  Immerse in the Kanak culture, from traditional music and dance to arts and crafts. The Kanak culture is a vibrant tapestry that reflects the rich heritage of New Caledonia.

6pm – 7pm: Social Get Together

Day 7: Saturday, 3rd October 2025

At Sea

Morning: Self-directed CPD Activities | Access via the online library


  • The issue with automatic behaviour: Automatism involves a behaviour occurring outside of conscious awareness, that is, when we are not consciously aware of our own behaviour. Although it may be difficult to imagine, some researchers believe that 90% of our behaviour is carried out automatically. Automatic patterns are not limited to behaviour, like driving a car or playing the piano. Thought patterns or coping with setbacks or stress can also become automatic. Although in some cases, automatic behaviour is very useful, it can also cause serious problems.

  • Judgement: Judgments operate like a lens, and we see the world through the lens of our judgment. When we judge something, we’re colouring reality. We’re wearing a lens, we see reality through a lens of our judgment, and our beliefs shape the colour of the lens. In other words, the judgments that we make have a strong effect on how we feel.

  • Acceptance: Acceptance plays an important role in mindfulness. Rather than trying to avoid or control an experience, mindfulness involves allowing experiences to be present and take their natural course. Every feeling and every thought is permitted to be there, after all, the thoughts and feelings are there anyway. Mindfulness teaches us not to struggle with feelings or thoughts. Allowing and accepting are central concepts in mindfulness.

  • Goals: Mindfulness does not mean you no longer set goals or that you just live in the moment. It means that you set goals consciously.

6pm – 7pm: Social Get Together

Day 8: Sunday, 4th October 2025

At Sea


  • Compassion: Life can be hard at times. Regardless of our best intentions, sometimes things go wrong, sometimes even very wrong. The reactions we have towards ourselves are often merciless. A negative judgment about ourselves is often an automatic response to our failure, whereas forgiveness and gentleness are nowhere to be found. It is exactly this gentleness and compassion that are of extreme importance because they have the power to transform all that negativity. The good news is that compassion can be increased through practice.

  • The Ego: Mindfulness leads to the understanding that you are more than just a form, more than your body, your thoughts, and emotions. You are not what you identify with. Imagine that everything you identify with falls apart (your job, your friends, your body), is there still something or someone left? The answer is yes.

  • Integration: The preceding 7 sessions explored various themes and exercises. A wise saying says that the last meeting lasts for the rest of your life. And that is true. Mindfulness is a process that keeps developing over time. In this final session, we will reflect on what has been learned, integrating the previous themes with each other. We will also reflect on how this knowledge and experience gained from the training can be integrated into your life.

  • Your Stress Management and Mindfulness Plan: In this session, what we will do is work out a plan for yourself.

    Meditation: when are you going to add it into the day, What app are you going to use

    Diet – if you are going to change something – what is it and how are you going to do it

    Assertiveness and boundaries

    Have your plan ready of how you are going to respond to those difficult people at home and work

    Have you worked out your yes but? How are you going to address it?

    You know your personality – what are you going work on 

    Mindfulness is about not judging but being curious as to why others may be acting in the way they are. Have you considered any strategies that you can deploy to avoid jumping into automatic behaviours and judging others? One strategy for improving compassion is journalling. Can you think of any others that you might apply to yourself?

    Gratitude – what are you thankful for? Who have you shown gratitude to?

Afternoon: Self-directed CPD Activities | Access via the online library

6pm – 7pm: Farewell function

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